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Kundalini Clubbing

South East – London

7pm – 11pm, 7th January 2017


Redmond Community Centre, Manor House, London, N4 2HF

Kundalini Clubbing returns to London at the start of 2017 to refresh your soul.

It is the perfect time to detox your body, and look forward to an awesome year ahead.

Cacao Ceremony – We open the circle of intention by sharing a cacaco elixir of the finest ceremonial grade.

Kundalini Yoga with Kirsty – We charge our bodies with a powerful kriya (set) which will really get our energy flowing. This is followed by a blissful meditation.

Kundalini Dance with Mark – We journey through the 7 Chakras with this incredible ecstatic dance to cleanse your mind, body and soul.

Sound Journey – time to lie down and deeply relax to integrate the journey.

We look forward to rejuvenating with you!

Mark & Kirsty & the KC Crew xXx

***Tickets OUT NOW***
Early Bird ticket – purchased before 24th December 2016

South West – Bristol

New Year’s Eve : Dreaming the Dance of the Phoenix

8.00pm – 2.00am, 31st December 2016

St Michael’s Parish Hall, Park Lane, Bristol, BS2 8BE









Join us for Kundalini Clubbing’s New Years Eve Celebration … super high vibration, barefoot, drug and alcohol free!!

Once again we come together to celebrate another succesful journey around the sun!

However 2016 was for you, it is time to be grateful for what it has brought, and to call in the promises of the new year.

2017 is a new beginning, every time a new year is born, we have the chance to renew ourselves and arise reborn, free of the past and aligned with new opportunities.

Our Kundalini Clubbing Serpent of 2016 has spiralled around the Sun once more, and now dives deep into the dance of the old year…the Dragon’s Last Dance…and from the dying embers of the 2016 so shall be born the Phoenix of 2017!…

Cacao Ceremony – as always we kick off with our opening ceremony, with the world’s finest ceremonial grade cacao – we honour the year that is falling away, and call in our intentions for 2017!

Kundalini Yoga with Kirsty – the most powerful way to release the serpent power, and get you super charged for the night (and the year ahead!)

Kundalini Dance with Mark – powerful chakra journeying shamanically through the chakras to release the dragon of the old year, and give birth to the phoenix of the new year…

Crossing the Threshold : Mark will guide us through a NYE special ritual into midnight, weaving the fading tapestry of 2016 into the dream of 2017 made manifest.

More Dance! : DJ Tigger takes us up until 1.30am for this extra special celebration for some mega bouncing tunes!

Sound Journey : Aya and Rodger will complete the evening with a blissful, relaxing and deeeeply healing Gong bath, using two large, highly attuned gongs, until 2am.

Juiciful Cafe with Rachana, will be open all night for delicious super healthy food and drinks, offering an array of hot and cold/sweet and savoury treats.

Wonderful massage available from Bryn throughout the evening

Conscious Community : There will be plenty of time for connecting, socialising and relaxing in our beautiful chill out space – catch up with old friends, and make some new ones!

Forever spiralling upwards, we look forward to celebrating 2016 with you, and bringing in an even better 2017!

More surprises in store, and announcements to follow…

In divine service,

Mark, Kirsty, Tigger, Rachana, Rodger & Aya

***Please note this is a TICKET ONLY event.***

***Last year sold out well before the event, so please book early to avoid disappointment.***

£25 Early Bird ticket – purchased before 10th December 2016
£30 afterwards (if still available)

NB Doors Open at 8.00pm for 8.30 start with the opening cacao ceremony.

Please bring a Yoga Mat – thank you.

Forthcoming dates for 2017 in Bristol

Saturday 14th January 2017

Saturday 25th February 2017

Saturday 18th March 2017

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Saturday 20th May 2017

Saturday 17th June 2017

South West – Bristol

Dates: 10th September 2016, 19.00 – 12.30 :

Return to the Land of Enchantment (via Ancestral  Planetary Healing)

St Michaels Parish Hall, Park Lane, Cotham, Bristol, BS2 8BE

enchantmentThere was a time, when we walked alongside magical beings.

A time when we sang to the animal kingdom and to the trees.

A time when a profound and beautiful harmony resonated around this priceless jewel that we have come to know as planet Earth.

Perhaps this vision seems far away now, and yet, in order to reconnect with that which once was, we need only to call it in…

Tonight we reconnect with our ancestors, to dance with them, in order to share in their ancient wisdom, so that we can send the vibrations of love and healing throughout the planet…

Tonight we ‘Return to the Land of Enchantment’

We start with a magical cacao ceremony in order to invoke our inner wisdom, and set our intentions for personal and planetary healing.

Then we move through some ancient, powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques that will clear some of the major blocks that stop us from aligning with our profound lineage.

This allows us to meditate and contemplate on our true magical nature, in alignment with the great mystery.

A Kundalini Dance journey will follow taking us into the spiritual heart of our seven fold nature, which will open up the portals into the subtle realms we share this Earth with, which for a long time now, have remained largely closed.

We will celebrate our rediscovered Land of Enchantment with an open, free dance from our resident DJ.

Inspiring our vision all night will be the evolutionary Juiciful raw food cafe with superfood delights.

As always we will end with a Midnight Gong Bath to relax you completely to send your enchantment off into the land of dreams

We look forward to returning to enchantment with you…

With Love & Light,

Mark, Kirsty, Rachana, TIgger, Gina, Rodger, Aya and the KC Crew xXx

£20 all incl.

Dress Code : Magical
Bring : Water (Spring Water is also available on request), Anything to assist in making the space magical is also welcome


Wonderful news!…

We have the founder of Kundalini Dance, Leyolah Antara coming all the way from Australia to the UK to offer Embodying Erotic Divinity

23rd – 25th September 2016, Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust,
17 Stukeley St, WC2B 5 London, United Kingdom

erotic divinityKundalini Dance UK is delighted to announce this very special weekend workshop, with internationally renowned teacher and founder of Kundalini Dance -Leyolah Antara.

Over this weekend we will explore various Divine Feminine archetypes that manifests as different qualities of Kundalini Shakti.

Divine Mother – The Lover – Aphrodite – Kali – Tantric Priestess- Wise Woman – Queen

We will explore the erotic aspects of key divine feminine archetypes through dance, myth, mantra, meditation and sacred ceremony.

Our sexual energy is the most incredible, yet underused source of evolutionary power that we have. Our erotic energy is a divine intelligence that when we learn to circulate it through our body – mind system it literally lights up our lives, enlivening positive qualities and awakening archetypal soul aspects of ourselves, we never even knew existed.

When we reclaim it as a sovereign source, it can make huge shifts in our lives.

Physically we can go from feeling flat and tired to feeling vital, alive and energized. Creatively we can go from feeling lost and directionless to feeling inspired and on fire. On a mental level we can go from feeling dull, foggy and scattered to feeling clear, sharp and aligned. Emotionally we can go from feeling shut down and cold to feeling open, warm and loving. Spiritually we can go from feeling lost and disconnected to feeling ecstatically joyful and connected to source.

The beautiful thing is that we can explore our sacred sexual healing arts either with or without a partner, join me to learn how.


~ A full-bodied ecstatic opening to intimacy in both sexual and non sexual relationships.
~ An unleashed well of creative energy to support you to get into life and express your creativity and actualise your passions.
~ An opportunity to embody and explore the erotic energies of the Divine Feminine Archetypes
~ Renewed vital energy and connection to your intuitive and instinctual self.
~ A sacred force for healing to loosen the energetic knots that keep us bound to our present perceptions and belief patterns that are blocking deeper intimacy and love. This supports us to let go of the unnecessary fear based structures of thought, belief and emotion that consume our energy and keep anything new from entering.
~ A deepening of your connection to your intuition and the voice of feminine power and wisdom
~ We will demystify Tantra, you will learn how to harness your sexual energy and link to Divine. Liberating your sexual energy of a creative current of life.
~ You will learn tantric sensual arts for become a masterful tantric lover, developing more sensitivity to pleasure to become more orgasmic.


In our work together, we will explore the art of sexual alchemy, you will be invited to explore the shadows of you sexuality, we will dig deep to uncover the unfelt, unseen emotions that have been keeping up the walls of separation between you and our beloveds. I will teach you how to “work with” your sexual energy as an alchemical healing force, to support you to heal and open to the wild love at your core, turning what was once darkness into light for your healing and empowerment.

On this journey we will meet in a sacred feminine temple space. To dance, to pray, to receive teachings on the sacred feminine archetypes, to learn tantric embodiment practices, to heal, to howl if we needed, to laugh and to cry.

We will come together to share our stories and together to write a new story of feminine sexual empowerment.

We will come together to peel off the layers, to take of the old clothes that no longer fit and allow ourselves to be seen in our magnificence or in our shame and in our pain.

This live course will be complimented with access to an online course portal, with materials, like videos and audio recordings for those who would like to go deeper and engage in sacred home practice and ceremony.

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More info at :

Contact info @ for bookings/info

Kundalini Clubbing

With Mark Keane and Kirsty Lewis








Star Wars: The Kundalini Force Awakens

7pm – 12.30 am, 2nd July 2016, St Michaels, Park Lane, Bristol, BS2 8BE

Come celebrate 2 years of Kundalini Clubbing in the spirit of awakening the kundalini force through Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance, Gong Bath, DJing and Raw Food Cafe.

Event on


Kundalini by candlelight – Women only sensual dance journey

With Natalie Slater (Shakti)

 kundalini by candlelight

Om Studios, 19 Greyhound Street, NG1 2DP Nottingham, United Kingdom

24th June, 2016, 7.30pm – 10.30pm

I invite you to an evening of delicious goddess vibes!

A relaxed, beautiful sacred space for us to come together and re-connect with our sacred erotic feminine energy and sensuality.

Open to the flows of your sacred sexual energy as the goddess Kundalini Shakti that resides inside of you.

Come and enter the Goddess Temple and allow your divine beauty and sensuality to be seen, expressed, embodied. ?

Expect a temple space filled with flowers and lit by candles, with a scrumptiously sexy playlist for us to dance the night away and allow Kundalini Shakti to have her way with us….;)

Learn valuable Kundalini Dance tantric breath techniques, that you can take away with you, to keep your shakti fire burning bright.

Come, bring yourself, all parts of you are welcome here, both your shadow and your light. Wear your favourite, sexiest outfit, adorn yourself with jewellery and honour yourself as the goddess you are.

Come, dance with us, unwind with us, twirl, swirl ,wiggle and wail.

Awaken and dance with your Kundalini Shakti, and enjoy the waves of pleasure and bliss that she brings.

All is welcome and all is held. All is safe. All is sacred. All is love. ?

We will be working with the Kundalini Dance breath techniques, sound and movement. The dance element is a free dance for you to allow your body to move and open in her own unique way.

There is no structure or form to the dance, it is natural and unique to you. Full guidance and instruction is given for the breath practices build and raise your Kundalini Shakti energy.

No prior experience required. All welcome! ?

Investment: £15/£10 concessions.

Advance booking only…to book- email

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kundalini dance uk coverJoin Lorraine Keene from next Monday 20th June 2016 for a solstice special Introduction to Kundalini Dance at the Hive Dalston, 6-8pm.

You are invited to join me for a transformational healing journey through the chakras with Kundalini Dance… destination: ecstasy and bliss!

About Kundalini Dance ?
This is a practice to help you lift your vibration so that you can
vibrate at a frequency higher than your old wounds and
patterns. Ecstatically lift yourself out of your old blueprints and
cocreate your highest and best life.

As we journey through the key energy centres (chakras), you will be guided to tap into your innate and intuitive body wisdom through movement, breath and sounding.

Each session will be both a ceremony and celebration in itself, as we gather to pray, set intentions, and as a collective we will dance our way to release, heal and purify with the transformative fires of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Feminine).
When we awaken this dormant energy of Kundalini Shakti we begin an evolutionary journey of reclaiming and embodying our soul.

Once we’ve allowed Shakti to rise up through us, we open space for the pure conciousness of Shiva (Divine Masculine) to enter so that we may reprogramme, download and create new evolutionary pathways within us.

As the dance of Shiva-Shakti union awakens within us and becomes our very own, we embody ecstatic bliss and open ourselves as a vessel for divine alchemy, raising our vibration to that of creation.

Attitude of Grattitude ?
This course is being offered on a donation basis as a part of my training and qualification process to become an accredited Kundalini Dance Facilitator. It is because of this I gratefully ask for participants to be willing to provide feedback and to engage reflectively on the process.

Timings ?
6.00pm – Doors will open – please arrive promptly
6.10pm – Doors will close and journey will begin
7.45pm – Finish

Optional: 8pm – You are invited to join me in the cafe downstairs for a closing circle/debrief for around 20-30 minutes, treats provided!

Extras ?
~ You will have access to a private Facebook group for this course to share your chakra journey, reflections and insights.
~ You will also recieve additional material to assist you with integrating the chakra into your week, and life!

Contribution ?
~ Yourself and your willingness!
~ Donation (£5 recommend, anything more appreciated! – Eventbrite link coming soon)
~ Ideally attend all sessions, although if you can attend some but not all, please do let me know
~ Be willing to provide constructive feedback, and should you feel to, testimonials that may be used to support the process.

The Dates ?
~ Week 1: Monday 20th June – Open Sacred Alchemical Introductory Dance & Summer Solstice Ceremony.
~ Week 2: Monday 27th June – Dancing the Root Chakra Awake
~ Week 3: Monday 4th July – Dancing the Sacral Chakra Awake
~ Week 4: Monday 11th July – Dancing the Solar Plexus Chakra Awake
~ Week 5: Monday 18th July – Dancing the Heart Chakra Awake and Sunday 24th July – Dancing the Depths of the Heart with Sacred Cacao
~ Week 6: Monday 25th July – Dancing the Throat Chakra Awake
~ Week 7: Monday 1st August – Dancing the Third Eye Chakra Awake
~ Week 8: Monday 8th August – Dancing the Crown Chakra Awake

I look forward to welcoming you to the Kundalini Dance Floor

Direct any questions to or call 079 0695 0695 ?

Contact to confirm your attendance and to direct any queries.